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At Sidekick, we’re always hiring talented creative people who are looking for a small, fun agency work environment. If you’re a creative looking for full, part or contract work, fill out the form below to contact us! We’d love to talk more!

Available Positions

Project Manager

A Sidekick Project Manager is an organized, efficient, and productive individual who manages the production and delivery space for Sidekick – ensuring we deliver the goods and services we say we’ll deliver on time. The ideal Project Manager is a team player who possesses a willingness to accept and respond to feedback while being productive and detail-oriented. This Project Manager will have contact with clients, speaking on behalf of Sidekick, making communication skills – both written and verbal – essential. Being an “A-type” personality and having high attention to detail is a core function of this position. This position needs high emotional intelligence and discernment to motivate the production team and interact with clients regularly. Read the full job description below.

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