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For Non-profit

Inspire donors by sharing your impact.

  • Compelling website design and maintenance for non-profits
  • Impactful branding and logo design to represent your cause
  • Engaging video content to share your stories of impact

Our Approach to Non-Profit Content

At Sidekick, we are passionate about supporting non-profits with creative content and branding solutions. Our services include designing compelling websites, creating impactful branding, and developing engaging social content to raise awareness and drive engagement. We help non-profits communicate their mission effectively and connect with supporters.


Connect with donors through inspiring stories.

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Website Creation & Maintenance

Build and maintain impactful websites to amplify your mission and engage supporters.

Merch & Apparel Design

Design meaningful merch and apparel to boost awareness and support for your cause.

Story Videos

Create powerful story videos to inspire and connect with your audience.


Represent your cause with meaningful and effective branding.

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Brand Strategy Process

Drill down on the important foundational elements – your mission, vision, and values.

Brand Guidelines

Establish guidelines for how to properly implement your brand identity and visuals.

Brand Visuals

Ensure your team is putting their best foot forward when interacting on the job site.

"Thankful for the entire Sidekick Team and their AMAZING support! If you are building a brand, you NEED their resources and expertise."
Blair Brooks, Director of Marketing & Brand Management, Cromwell Commercial Group

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