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Subscription vs. Project Rate

Which one is right for me?

Subscription vs. Project Rate

When you team up with Sidekick, we can partner in one of two ways: our Subscription Program, or individual, one-off projects. Every business and organization has different needs that could make either option the best choice. We always want to choose the solution that works best for your situation. We’ve made this guide to help you discern which option would work best for you.

When deciding between the subscription program or project rate, determine if you are looking for a one-off need to improve a specific part of your business, or you want to improve entire areas and aspects of your company with a more profound approach for the long run. Our Subscription Program is used for clients who want to pursue long-term goals that consider ongoing marketing needs. Project-based services focus on short-term goals and one-off assignments.

The key differences between subscription and project rates:

  • Subscriptions have a flat monthly fee. Project-based services are paid per project.

  • Subscriptions cover a wide scope of services and deliverables. Project-based services are much more defined.

  • Subscriptions are used for long-term goals that consider ongoing marketing needs. Project-based services focus on short-term goals and one-off assignments.

A monthly subscription gives your business the attention and creative energy it needs, while freeing you up to do the things that only you can do.

About Subscriptions

Our subscriptions are ideal for clients who recognize the benefits of a long-term, ongoing relationship with Sidekick. Subscription program offer our clients an array of services for a predictable monthly fee. Baked into the monthly cost of the subscription program is full-service management of the account. Subscription accounts pay for our ongoing availability and resource allocation by reserving a set amount of our team’s time, attention, and services for a fee.

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Subscription Benefits

  • You get a deep, committed relationship rather than a one and done project – we know and understand your needs better because of it. Having a subscription invites us to the table, which gives us the chance to be fully bought into your brand, values, and audience. The longer we work with you, the more invested we are with you and your brand. We stop referring to “YOU,” our client, and it becomes “WE” – Sidekick feels like a part of your business.

  • Benefit from Sidekick dedicating and resourcing proactively rather than reactively – we’re thinking about the future of your company and want you to succeed (when you succeed, we succeed).

  • A consistent, predictable billing cycle allowing you to forecast the billing cycle.

  • One-time paperwork and no need to constantly be quoting out new projects back and forth – saving considerable time and the “on ramp” for projects.

  • We are able to allocate resources dedicated to your needs – if something comes up, we'll be ready for you.

  • On-demand, priority service. (Start singing, “When you need me call me, no matter where you are….”)

How does it work?


Sign Proposal

To kickstart the subscription, you'll begin by signing our comprehensive proposal, outlining the services and terms of your subscription. This agreement ensures transparency and sets the stage for a successful partnership. Remember – you can pause or cancel at any time.


Schedule Kickoff Meeting

After signing the proposal, we'll schedule a kickoff meeting with your team. This meeting serves as the foundation for our collaboration, where we'll discuss your goals, preferences, and establish clear goals for the next quarter.


Start Getting Content

With the kickoff meeting complete, it's time to get started! We'll start delivering the content you need within the month.

About Project Rates

Our project rates are ideal for clients who have short-term goals they need help with. Project rates are very clear cut, fixed services and resources that are agreed upon. Project rates are great for businesses needing seasonal help, or for those who aren’t quite ready for an ongoing subscription relationship.

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Project Rate Benefits

  • There is no ongoing payment for your team to keep up with

  • If you need reactionary solutions to a challenge, this is a quick and easy option

  • The review process is often more concentrated instead of spread out over a longer period of time, as the project rate provides for a specific allocated amount of time for project revisions

Which one is right for me?

Use the questions below to determine if a Project or Subscription rate would work best for you.

Project Rate

  • Do you have a specific need that needs to be addressed?

  • Do you have a clear vision for what you need?

  • Do you have a big project that is outside your team’s ability or margin?

  • Does your company have legal limitations to accept an on-going subscription relationship?

Subscription Rate

  • Do you have monthly, rhythmic, or ongoing needs?

  • Are you too busy to brainstorm your next campaign or content?

  • Do you not know what to do next or are you running out of ideas?

  • Are you thinking of hiring a creative employee?

  • Do you have an overwhelmed marketing department that needs extra support?


How do you determine the cost of a subscription or project?

Every client is unique and brings their own needs regarding the type and volume of services they will use. We determine subscription or project amounts based on the client’s needs and the value we deliver, not on a certain amount of deliverables or hours. We ask our 5 Key Variable questions to arrive at a rate that fits your needs and expectations. Our goal is that you are thrilled with our services month after month and feel you get exceptional value with what you’re paying.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We believe that partnerships thrive on frequent and honest communication. Sidekick always wants a healthy, thriving relationship with our clients, and and we do not require any contract or agreement lengths. We will send a proposal to sign before work begins to confirm the scope of work, but we don’t require a locked in contract term length. If you’re a subscription client – we hope and believe that you’ll want to come back month after month because of the value we deliver.

Why don’t you bill hourly?

Hourly billing usually penalizes the client for anything unforeseen popping up and penalizes the worker for being fast and efficient. We stick with subscription and project rates as our billing model based on our 5 variables that will affect those rates.

What if my needs exceed the agreed upon subscription?

When a client’s needs, projects, or deliverables exceed the subscription agreement, Sidekick can adjust accordingly by a.) billing on top, b.) delivering fewer projects the next month(s), or c.) pause work for the current month. In most cases, when projects are planned in advance, Sidekick can give a reasonable estimate on what can be accomplished in a month. If project scope consistently exceeds the monthly agreement, we will reevaluate the client’s monthly subscription amount to allow more margin. We always clearly communicate these shifts beforehand and when we foresee those shifts needing to happen. We won’t surprise clients with hidden costs, fine print, or weird expenses. We try to approach pricing in a real world, practical way. We also love for our pricing to be really customized to each client.

Do you offer any non-profit discounts?

We love our city and we love working with organizations that are helping our city and the people in it. As much as we can and are able, we offer a 15% off discount when we’re working with nonprofits. We are limited to working with one non-profit at a time.