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When most people think about branding, a logo comes to mind - but your brand is more than a logo. Your brand refers to what people think of when they think of your business. We help you strategically think through who you are, what you value, and how to communicate that to your customers, then create visual elements that represent that identity. Learn more about our Brand Strategy Process below.

Our Brand Strategy Process is a 2.5 day workshop that facilitates a conversation and brainstorming clarity for who you are, where you’re going, how you’ll act along the way, and what you’ll look like visually. This process is an essential part of any branding projects we are a part of. It’s virtually impossible to do great work for a client without gaining clarity first on who they are – so we love walking through this process with clients. Learn more about our Brand Strategy Process here.

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Is the Brand Strategy Process required for all of Sidekick’s clients?

Sidekick does not require its clients to go through the Brand Strategy Process, but we highly recommend it. This process gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with our clients and have a better grasp of who they are as a brand. With the valuable insight we get through a Brand Strategy Process, we’re able to better create unique content that will be an effective representation of our client's brand identity.

What is the benefit of the Brand Strategy Process?

At Sidekick, we understand that a successful brand is more than just a logo or slogan. It’s about creating an identity and making sure it resonates with your target audience. That’s why our Brand Strategy Process helps companies take stock of their current situation, clarify their purpose, and decide on the most effective visual representation and messaging for their brand. In short, our Brand Strategy Process ensures businesses have clarified and codified who they are – for their employees and customers.

Who all is involved in the Brand Strategy process?

We ask the brands we work with to choose key leadership and stakeholders who have authority, responsibility, and proximity to the business to be decision makers in the process. Usually, this is 3-5 people total.