Our Brand Strategy Process helps you:

Clarify Who You Are
& Codify It With Your Team

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What is our Brand Strategy Process?

Can you and/or your team articulate who you are concisely and consistently? Our Brand Strategy Process is the avenue to clarify and codify who you are. Your brand is more than just your visual aesthetic – it’s mostly what is underneath all of the visuals your customers see. It’s your vision, mission, values, messaging, voice, and more. We walk you through 2.5 days of workshops to clarify where you are, who you are, and where you’re going, then codify it by writing it down and creating a PDF booklet for your team to implement your brand.

At the end of the process, you get:

Your brand – clarified.

Our Brand Strategy Process includes:

  • Our 50+ page Brand Strategy Process workbook

  • 2.5 workshop days with your leadership team

  • Clarifying essential brand elements like your vision, mission, values, value proposition, voice & personality, messaging, audience, and more

  • Workshop summary PDFs with a summary, takeaways, and valuable insights from our workshops

  • 30+ page Brand Guidelines PDF with mission, vision, values, messaging, your entire brand in booklet form, etc.


Once you’ve decided to walk through our Brand Strategy Process, you can choose any add-ons you might need.

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Brand Guideline Examples

At the completion of our Brand Strategy Process, you'll receive a 30+ page Brand Guidelines PDF that includes everything you and your employees need to be on the same page with who you are, what your messaging is, who you're reaching, and what you look like.

a dark blue background with a lightning bolt in the centera logo for a Dr. Gregory's Canine Joint Formulaa logo for Huck Manufacturinga cross on a red background with a brown bordera white house on a blue backgrounda yellow background with the words health camp burgers and shakesa red background with the word sidekick on ita blue background with the words Gleaux Car Wash in white textTarget Solutions brand guidelines front page


Is the Brand Strategy Process required for all of Sidekick’s clients?

Sidekick does not require its clients to go through the Brand Strategy Process, but we highly recommend it. This process gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with our clients and have a better grasp of who they are as a brand. With the valuable insight we get through a Brand Strategy Process, we’re able to better create unique content that will be an effective representation of our client's brand identity.

What is the benefit of the Brand Strategy Process?

At Sidekick, we understand that a successful brand is more than just a logo or slogan. It’s about creating an identity and making sure it resonates with your target audience. That’s why our Brand Strategy Process helps companies take stock of their current situation, clarify their purpose, and decide on the most effective visual representation and messaging for their brand. In short, our Brand Strategy Process ensures businesses have clarified and codified who they are – for their employees and customers.

Who all is involved in the Brand Strategy process?

We ask the brands we work with to choose key leadership and stakeholders who have authority, responsibility, and proximity to the business to be decision makers in the process. Usually, this is 3-5 people total.