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We’re on a mission to help businesses appear as great as they are.

How do we do that? We’re glad you asked.
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We're a creative agency.

We think it's important to draw the distinction that we're a creative agency more than a marketing agency. That means we focus on building brands and the creative content alongside that brand more than the tactics surrounding where that content lands, media buys, and ad campaigns. Oftentimes, marketers are considered the analytical side of the brain, while a creative agency serves more of the emotional side of business building – which also greatly impacts consumer behavior. When you choose to work with a creative agency, you're investing in the foundational brand work and strategy that is often left unattended by many businesses.

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Like having your own in-house creative team, but better.

All the good stuff you get with an in-house creative team with the added benefits that only come from working with a professional creative agency. There's a time to use freelancers and a time to use an agency – make sure you're choosing the right tool for your needs.

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How We Work Together

1. One-Time Projects

A one-time project fee provides a clear and predictable cost structure, allowing organizations to budget effectively and avoid any surprises during the project’s lifecycle. Often times, clients will start with a one-time project to see if a more rhythmic or longer-term relationship is a good fit. This type of relationship is best for clear-cut projects with a start and end date that are not recurring.

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2. Subscriptions

This is best for organizations who need creative staffing on an ongoing basis. The subscription model allows organizations to have flexibility in the level of support they need, as you can scale up or down the number of creative staff members based on your changing needs. This type of relationship can be especially valuable for organizations that require a high level of creative support but do not have the resources to build and manage an in-house creative team. With a subscription relationship, you can have access to top-notch creative talent on a flexible and cost-effective basis.

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What is the difference between a creative agency and a marketing agency?

We like to be upfront about what we do and don’t do, which means being clear that we are a creative agency, not a marketing agency. The key distinction between a creative agency and a marketing agency is that a creative agency focuses on producing content, while a marketing agency focuses on distributing content. Although we run adjacent to the marketing industry and can speak to some aspects of marketing a brand, we do not offer marketing services like media buying, social media management, or SEO. We love working alongside internal marketing directors to pair creative content and strategy with their expertise in those areas.

Read more about the different types of agencies on our blog.

Why should I work with an agency instead of a freelancer?

When multiple skills are needed, an agency tends to be a more comprehensive solution than a freelancer. Instead of engaging several freelancers who have differing individual capabilities, an agency offers a breadth of services within a single organization. Typically, agencies offer more systems and capabilities than individual freelancers. In cases where a single specialized skill is needed (just logo design, for example) freelancers can be a great option. We occasionally receive inquiries that are best suited for freelancers and will refer out in those cases. When brands require video, photography, branding, and other skills, an agency like Sidekick is an ideal solution. In these instances, Sidekick functions like an in-house creative team for the client. Choosing an agency or freelancer will be based on a client’s specific needs and goals. 

Read more about the differences between agencies and freelancers on our blog.

What does Sidekick specialize in?

Sidekick splits the services we offer into two different categories – Brand Strategy and Content Creation. Brand Strategy is focused on big picture thinking, while Content Creation focuses on tactile deliverables. View our services to learn more about what Sidekick can offer your business.

Do you have a portfolio of past client work?

Check out our Instagram account (@sidekickagency) or our website portfolio to view some of our recent work and case studies.